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The future of mobility is electric. 

Want to know why? Because electric engines are quiet, efficient, rarely have to be serviced and make emission free driving possible. Another advantage is that electric vehicles are more resource-efficient than cars with internal combustion engines. Add to the fact that a large proportion of the electricity required is generated from renewable energies and you’ll never look back. 

Ultimate efficiency. 

Perhaps the greatest advantage of an electric engine is its high efficiency. With a normal engine up to one third of energy is lost through heat waste – an electric car on the other hand uses about 95 percent of the energy available to drive. The ratio of this applied and used power is called efficiency.

How an electric engine works.

The engine of an electric car converts current from the battery into mechanical energy. This generates a circulating magnetic field with the aid of coils that attract other magnets located in the engine. The resulting force is transferred to the axles of the car, with the speed of the rotation depending on the frequency of the current. 

Outstanding driving dynamics.

High efficiency, low running cost, no emissions – there are many rational reasons for a car with an electric engine. And also driving is a lot of fun: Unlike cars with an internal combustion engine, you don’t have to choose the correct gear ratio. The torque is immediately there, offering you a totally new form of driving pleasure.